Live Painting



How is a Cubist-style Portrait born? Just find a beautiful model in the audience, observe her and paint the emotions that her face suggests to us ...


It takes a flower!

To paint a painting you need paints, brushes and a canvas. To paint a beautiful painting you have to sing, have to be HAPPY!


Noah's Ark

A stroke hides a sign, a sign hides a drawing: is it an umbrella or a turtle? Get on the Ark to find it out!



Twig by twig the tree becomes big.. and full of stories: who wants to participate in this story with his tale?

About me

Izumi Fujiwara is a Japanese painter and illustrator. She was born in Yamaguchi in 1975. She graduated in Graphic Design at Tama Art University in Tokyo. Since 2005 she lives and works in Milan. In addition to presenting her paintings in solo exhibitions, she creates illustrations for books, murals and theatrical sets. Last but not list, she is a performer and on the stage she combines her love for painting with theater.

Live Painting Gallery

Some pic from her shows

workshop Gallery

Some pic from her workshops

illustrated books

The Bubble magician

"text by Elisabeth Jankovich, illustrations by Izumi Fujiwara. Edizioni Corsare. This book is inspired by the show “Ouverture des Saponettes” by and with Michele Cafaggi. The first edition (2010) sold out quickly. In 2021 the book is back to the library with a new grafica design and with the Audiobook version, read by the actor Andrea Calabretta.


"by Michele Cafaggi, illustrations by Izumi Fujiwara. Edizioni Corsare 2021. This book is inspired by the show “Controvento” by and with Michele Cafaggi. What are you ready to face to make your dream come true? Follow the Ace of Heaven in this great Adventure reading the Aviator’s story. In addition to the illustrated book, the Audiobook read by the actor Claudio Milani and set to music by Marco Castelli. 


Some pic of paintings on wood or canvas


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